Delhi Youth Football League
  Rules and Regulations


As a rule, we will follow FIFA guidelines.

o      Before each match, the referee should confirm with the managers or  coach (whoever is there with the team) that all the children are registered with DYFL. An unregistered player must not play.

o      Boots must not have any sharp edges or metal showing on studs. Watches, rings, necklaces, and earrings must be removed before matches.

o     Players must not be allowed to play without shin pads. If you spot a child playing without them, please stop the game and ask the child to leave the pitch and put some on before returning to play.


It is important that we kick off on time. We have a heavy schedule of games.

Keeping to your decision

Once the ref has made a decision, he will stick with it. You will work on the understanding that over the course of a game, wrong decisions will balance themselves out – no team will be disadvantaged. Please do not be persuaded by pressure from the players, coaches or parents. DYFL will work to persuade them that you are doing your best, that mistakes do happen, and that we have to get on with it.

Players that consistently query the referees’ judgments should be spoken to. Persistent bad sportsmanship can result in a yellow card. Particularly bad behaviour by parents or coaches should be noted. Please try to speak to the coaches or manager of the team at half time if this is becoming a problem, or if it is setting a bad example to the children

Yellow and red cards

o        Players should be spoken to when rules are broken.

o        Yellow cards and red cards should be used in accordance with FIFA rules. We do not use the SIN BIN approach. Please give the name of booked and dismissed players to the coach or manager. A player who is sent off is suspended for the following match.

Unregistered players

a. Must not be played in any circumstances
b. A team that plays an UNREGISTERED player forfeits the game 3: 0

Matches that are abandoned by the referee

Only the referee can decide to abandon a match. A possible scenario is the threat of lightning . The referee will not abandon a match because it is cold or wet – these are standard playing conditions in many parts of the world.
If a match is abandoned the result at that time stands as the final result.

Knock-out matches

If a knockout match is drawn at full time, 20 minutes of extra time will be played, 10 minutes each way.

If after extra time the teams are still level, there will be a penalty shoot out of 5 penalties each.

If after 5 penalties the teams remain level, penalties will continue on a knock out basis.


There are 3 substitutions allowed per game for each team. A substitution may only take place when the ball is out of play. The coach/captain is responsible for attracting the referee's attention and calling the substituted player off the pitch. At no time should there be more than 11 players on the pitch.

Code of conduct

The League insists on good manners by all players, spectators and parents.

The referee's decision is final. Players or coaches (or parents!) should not argue with the referee. Dangerous play and violent conduct also will not be tolerated. Repeated arguing, dangerous or violent conduct may result in a player being cautioned or sent off.

Many people translate "winning matters" into "winning is the most important thing" or, even worse, "winning at all costs."

However, the list of accomplishments needs to be, more or less in order of importance:

Give maximum effort
Improve your individual skills
Improve your teamwork and team play
Learn to lose with grace
Learn to win with humility

Focusing on these things instead of on winning, will lead to a sense of accomplishment, the fun that we are all in it for AND an appropriate share of victories!

If the code of conduct is not followed by any team the organiser has full right to disqualify the team from the league. In this case, 50% of the entry fees will be returned.


A protest can be made within half an hour after a match ends. The written protest along with a fee of Rs 300 per player should be given to the match commisioner. If the player protested against fails to produce original documents proving the date of birth mentioned in the entry form then the match is forfeited 3-0. 

If the team is unsatisfied with the first protest, a second protest along with a fee of Rs 1000 should be given to the match commisioner. The player protested against will be taken for an age determination x-ray. If proved overage, the team forfeits the match 3-0 and 50% of the protest fee is paid back to the protesting team.

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